JJ Murray, owner of Hampton Roads Event Rentals (formerly ABZ Rentals), a wedding and event rental business located in Yorktown Virginia, often joked he would like to have is own wedding venue someday.  He and his wife Lisa Llewellyn Murray both grew up in this area.  Being involved with  Hampton Roads Event Rentals for 30 years, and having ownership since 1996, JJ had been part of all the weddings involving rentals at the Boxwood Inn.  Knowing this, when an old friend of Lisa’s Facebook messaged her about the Boxwood going up for auction, she immediately informed JJ. Two weeks later the inn was theirs.  They unexpectedly were able to have their dream.

The first thing they did was change the name to Historic Boxwood Inn because of it’s existence on the Historic Registries on both the Federal and State level.  The house had specific importance in their own personal history as friends had married there, their own baby shower had been held there, and they had spent two Valentine’s Days at the inn, never knowing they would own it someday.

The next thing they decided to do was give her a facelift.  Most of the home has been painted and the rooms themed to go along with its history.  Careful attention was placed on carpeting, refurnishing, and redecorating the home.  Lisa is more than happy to share her secrets if you ask her.  Most items were purchased, and a few were generously given to them by JJ’s mother, who is pleased to see a picture of her husband when he was six years old on display in the hallway.

JJ lost his father, Jerry Murray,  in 2015.  Knowing how proud his dad would have been of him acquiring the Boxwood,  JJ wanted to pay tribute to his dad, knowing he would have wanted to be a part of the remodeling process.  Lisa’s dad, Rodney Llewellyn, also had a hand in the remodeling as he, at 81 years old, painted all of the original paintings in the hallway and up the grand staircase, as well as the special paintings of the Boxwood found in the tea room and bridal suite.

Look out for other outdoor projects and special events sponsored by the Boxwood, as the Murray’s want the home be loved, and celebrated by the local community, as well as corporations, brides, and tourists who wisely choose to rent this home and become a part of its history.